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MaziPhone is a practical Android app/widget that lets you decide ahead of time and automatically what to do when a phone call comes in. MaziPhone currently works in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew.

The basic idea behind MaziPhone is that on occasion when you are not available to talk (in the movies, eating dinner, etc.) you can have MaziPhone automatically hang up on the caller and send the caller a customized text message saying you cannot come to the phone right now, etc.

When MaziPhone is on and configured to hang up and send text, the caller will be routed to VM and receive your text message.

But what if you wish to take some calls from your spouse/friend/kid but send a message to everybody else? It is simple. Tap Favorite Contacts and place checkmarks next to the contacts you wish MaziPhone NOT to block.

The home screen widget (shown to the left) shows MaziPhone with either a green icon (on) or a red icon (off) and also shows the last number that called you.

MaziPhone is fun, simple and very practical. It allows you to control incoming calls automatically. Enjoy!

Get MaziPhone


MaziPhone QR code:

Simply aim your android enabled phone with your QR reader app to the square barcode image on the left and be instantly transported to MaziPhone's "home" on the Google's Android Market Place!

If you do not have a QR reader in your Android branded phone, you may reach the Google Android Market Place for MaziPhone by clicking on the QR code or by Clicking here!

Thanks for checking it out.


MaziPhone Settings Screen


Turn MaziPhone on/off:

If you uncheck this, MaziPhone will be disabled and ALL calls will come through

On call, do this...:

You can choose from 3 options here:

  1. You can set MaziPhone to hang up and send text
  2. Simply hang up (no text)
  3. or Do Nothing at which point MaziPhone will still record the number of the last caller but will not act (i.e. will not hang up, etc.)

Send This Text...:

If MaziPhone is set to Kill Call, Send Text, this field will become enabled. Simply type the text you wish MaziPhone to send to the callers it hangs up on. Typical text is, 'I am not available now and will call you back.' Of course, any text will do, but please note that MaziPhone will send only 160 characters of your message. That's what most phone carriers will do in one text, so be brief

Favorite Contacts:

Tap this to see a list of all your contacts. Place a checkmark next to the contacts you want MaziPhone not to act upon

Last Call:

This is where MaziPhone records the last call (unless MaziPhone is turned off)

Additional Images

MaziPhone   MaziPhone

MaziPhone Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install MaziPhone?

On your Android branded phone, go to the Market Place. Search for MaziPhone, find it and purchase it (it costs a mere $0.99). Once installed you will NOT find it under all your apps. MaziPhone is a Widget! To install, go to any of your home screens (where you have room for a couple of icons), and do a long press on an empty spot. From the menu that comes up, tap Android Widgets or Widgets. In the next screen, scroll to MaziPhone and tap it. Now you have MaziPhone running. Please note: The default settings IS to block all calls and send a simple text 'Sorry, I cannot answer the phone right now'. Please note: You have to tap on MaziPhone widget screen to go into the Settings at least once. In that screen you can further configure MaziPhone.

I followed above steps but still I do not see the app/widget?

As it turns out, if you install the app/widget to the SD card (or if your phone is set to install to the SD card by default) you may NOT find the widget in the widget list. To resolve this, please uninstall/re-install the app/widget to the phone and not to the SD card. MaziPhone is tiny and will take next to zero resources from your phone.

What if I don't want to block certain callers?

In order to allow certain callers (spouse, kid, friend) to not be blocked by MaziPhone and for you to receive the call, tap on MaziPhone's home widget screen (the one that shows green/on or red/off) which will take you to the Settings screen. Tap on Favorite Contacts and place a check mark next to the contacts you wish MaziPhone NOT to block.

I bought and installed MaziPhone but it does not hang up on callers?

Please note: you have to tap the MaziPhone home screen widget (the one with the green "on" icon in order to go to the settings.) This has to be done at least once. If you did that but it still does not hang up on callers, go again into the Settings screen and make sure MaziPhone is not set to "Do Nothing". Finally, make sure MaziPhone is "on" and not "off" (red "off" icon showing on the MaziPhone home screen widget.

What if I tap on the home screen widget and it "crashes" and does not go to the Settings screen?

This is VERY rare and should not happen. However, MaziPhone is an app and despite EXTENSIVE testing done by us and many beta testers, this can happen. If this happens please follow this:

  1. Go to the home screen where the MaziPhone widget resides. Do a long press on the MaziPhone widget and "drag" it to trash. Next, do a long press again in the empty spot where MaziPhone was and select Android Widgets (or Widgets) and tap MaziPhone again to "re-install" it. Now tap it and it should go to Settings with no errors
  2. "OK, I did #1 and it still crashes..." In this case we must recommend you uninstall MaziPhone, then reinstall

How do I uninstall MaziPhone?

  1. First, do a long press on the MaziPhone home widget and "drag" it to trash
  2. Next, find your Android Settings icon, tap it
  3. In the Settings screen, tap Applications
  4. Tap Manage Applications
  5. Scroll to MaziPhone, tap it
  6. Press the Uninstall button
  7. To re-install, see the top FAQ in this page